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What is an ABS Light?

Your ABS (anti-lock braking system) prevents your car's wheels from locking up under hard braking, enabling you to have more control and preventing any skidding.

When you brake hard, sensors on each of your wheels send messages to the engine control unit (ECU) that the wheels may lock and skid. The ECU will then release the brakes on the wheels to prevent them from locking up and allow you to keep control of the vehicle.

What should I do if my ABS light comes on?

The ABS system completes a self-test every time you turn on the ignition. If your ABS light stays on past the engine starting then there's a problem with the vehicle's ABS system. You should get the vehicle to a professional as soon as possible if you notice the light remain on. It is a vital safety feature of your vehicle that you never know when you may need. We can run diagnostic tests to identify the cause and get it fixed quickly.

If both the ABS light and the brake system light are on at the same time, your vehicle is not safe to drive. You have a serious problem with the braking system. You should stop in a safe place, give us a call and we can recover your vehicle.

What can cause the ABS light to come on?

There are several reasons your ABS light may be on including:

  • Brake fluid is too low
  • Wheel sensor is damaged
  • Loss of pressure in the braking system - caused by cracks in the brake fluid reservoir or brake lines

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