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ABS Light On

Your ABS system (anti-lock braking system) prevents your vehicle's wheels from locking up during hard braking. It makes sure that you have control of the vehicle and do not skid.

During a hard brake, the sensors in each wheel send a signal to the ECU (engine control unit) that the wheels may lock and skid. Then, the ECU releases the brakes on the wheels to ensure you are in control of the vehicle and the wheels do not lock.

The ABS system completes a self-test every time you turn on the ignition. If the ABS light remains on after this period, there is a problem within the ABS system. We would recommend getting your car to a vehicle technician quickly. The ABS system is an important safety feature which you may need at any point. Bring your BMW to South Coast Garage to have it professionally investigated.

If both the ABS light and the brake system light are on at the same time, your vehicle must not be driven. This means you have a severe issue with the braking system. Safely stop and give us a call to recover your car.

ABS Light Causes

There are a few reasons why your ABS light could be on. It may be that your brake fluid is too low - this can be fixed yourself. Simply top up your brake fluid at home. Or, it could be a more serious issue such as the wheel sensor being damaged or a loss of pressure in the braking system. This is usually caused by a split in the brake fluid reservoir or brake lines.

Our team would be happy to diagnose the problem and repair the problem quickly.

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South Coast Garage are BMW Specialists. We have the latest BMW diagnostic equipment within our workshop. We use high quality parts and tools which helps us to ensure a professional finish, every time. We offer the same quality of service as the main dealer, but at 40% less of the price.

We are authorised by BMW to update your online service history and your manufacturer's warranty will not be invalidated by choosing us.

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