BMW Engine Warning Light Hastings

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BMW Engine Warning Light Hastings

Has your engine management light turned on?

Your engine management light will illuminate on your car dashboard if your car's electronics detect a problem with the engine. You will find the engine management light usually behind the steering wheel.

Often the light operates on a colour-coded basis and indicates the following:

Green - The system is working as it should be or is currently in use.

Yellow - Something is not working correctly and should be taken to a garage to determine the fault.

Red - These is a serious and potentially dangerous issue - stop driving as soon as it is safe to do so and arrange recovery for your vehicle to be taken to a garage. Driving further could incur expensive damage.

BMW Engine Management

The latest BMWs including the 3 series, the X3 series and the 1 series have many sensors which monitor how the car systems are behaving.

On BMWs, the engine warning light is also called the Engine Management Indicator or the Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL).

You may notice that if your engine warning light is turned on - your engine may not be working properly such as a lack of power or jolting as you accelerate.

Bring your BMW to South Coast Garage - our BMW specialists will take a look using our latest main dealer diagnostic equipment and solve the issue quickly.

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