BMW Engine Warning Light Sussex

You can bring your BMW to our specialist garage and we will fix any potential issue no matter the model. We would be happy to help with your BMW engine warning light fault.

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BMW Engine Warning Light Sussex

Has your engine management light turned on?

When the engine management light illuminates on your dashboard, this most often means there is an issue with your engine and this needs investigating as soon as possible.

The light will often operate on a color-coded basis. For instance, it could signify one of the following:

Green - All is well.

The Yellow light means that something is not working correctly. You should have it checked to find out the problem.

Red - there is a serious and potentially dangerous issue. If it is safe, stop driving to avoid causing further damage to your car.

BMW Engine Management

The latest BMWs have many sensors to monitor car systems. Engine warning lights may also be called the Engine Management Indicator or Malfunction Indicator Lamps.

If your engine warning light is on - it means there could be a sign that your car might not be in a good health. This could mean anything from trouble with the power to jolting when you accelerate. We specialize in BMW and so we use the same diagnostic system and equipment as the main dealers. As such, we'll identify the problem quickly and solve it for you.

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People near Sussex should use South Coast Garage for their BMW repair; we offer the same level of service as the main dealers but you only need to pay 40% less.

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BMW Engine Warning Light Sussex
BMW Engine Warning Garage in Sussex