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We are a garage who offer a number of vehicle services including Carbon Cleaning in Bexhill and East Sussex. It clears carbon deposits from your engine which can restore efficiency.


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Carbon Cleaning

What is it?

Carbon Cleaning is a modern and popular method of cleaning the inside of an engine. South Coast Garage are proud to offer this specialist service. It requires no harmful chemicals and no dismantling of parts making it fairly straightforward. We use the latest technology to pump hydrogen through the air intake system which burns away unwanted deposits. It only takes between 30-45 minutes and is a safe cleaning method for all cars whether they are petrol, diesel or hybrid.

Do I need a Carbon Clean?

Over the years, an engine builds up internal deposits of engine carbon, tar and gum which can affect its performance. We use state-of-the-art tools and techniques to safely remove these deposits. Carbon Cleaning means that we do not have to physically open up the engine and spend hours scraping away the deposits which can be extremely tedious and time consuming.

There are many benefits to a carbon clean. Removing carbon deposits from the engine will restore power, regain performance and create a quieter engine. It can also provide improved efficiency so that you get more miles-per-gallon and spend less on fuel! Many people choose carbon cleaning to reduce their vehicle's emissions. This is so that air pollution is reduced and it ensures that the amount of carbon in the engine does not lead to potentially expensive issues regarding engine parts. These costly repairs can be prevented with regular carbon cleaning.

Why Choose South Coast Garage?

South Coast Garage are a well equipped one stop shop for all your vehicle needs including servicing, repairs, tuning, MOTs and more. All of our vehicle technicians are highly trained and always carry out an excellent job. Our workshop offers the most modern equipment to enable us to offer the highest level of service.

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