Paintless Dent Repair Seaford

South Coast Garage are dent repair specialists. We can perform this service on all makes and models of vehicles. Call us today to book your PDR service in!


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Paintless Dent Repair Seaford

South Coast Garage are a vehicle garage located in Eastbourne, East Sussex. We are a long-standing company offering a vast selection of car maintenance services that includes paintless dent repair. Our team look after customers across the Seaford and wider East Sussex area and our Paintless Dent Repair service has grown in popularity over the years. Not only is this service is extremely effective in terms of the impeccable results it achieves, it is also very cost-effective.

How does PDR work? It begins by reshaping the vehicle's panels, repairing any dents in the process where the paintwork has not been affected. We use specialist tools and equipment that then manipulate the panel's shape back to its normal shape. It is a relatively quick service, taking around a few hours as there is no paintwork involved. Primarily it is most effective on the smaller dents but can still be used to rectify the larger more prominent dents. It is always advisable to use a professional technician who is experienced and confident using the relevant PDR tools.

Paintless Dent Repair - The Benefits

PDR has many benefits for you and the vehicle itself, they include:

  • Effective - The results speak for themselves - even the tiniest of dents can be removed.
  • Affordable - As no paintwork is involved this service is surprisingly cheap.  
  • No Discolouration - No issue with unmatched paint as we do not touch the paintwork.
  • Insurance - The service is most likely to be cheaper than your insurance premium enabling you to keep your premiums down.
  • Value - PDR does not affect your car's market value.

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