Performance Tuning Bexhill

Optimise your car's performance with South Coast Garage's Performance Tuning services. Vehicle remapping will alter your vehicle's boost pressure, air/fuel ratio and ignition timing.


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About Performance Tuning

All cars are controlled by an Engine Control Unit (ECU) which is a small computer that controls the engine. It governs the ignition timing, air/fuel ratio and boost pressure. South Coast Garage's performance tuning will adjust these settings which in turn increases performance and economy aspects. Maximise your engine to suit your needs. We will tailor the settings to suit your preferences.

The service itself is a fast process which has outstanding results. We have the capability to increase torque and horsepower and will make your car's engine more responsive. This can decrease the number of gear changes needed and can boost fuel economy if used strategically.

Performance Tuning Benefits

Not all cars can be remapped. If the car was produced before the year 2000, it will not feature the modern car remapping software.

You must select a professional carefully to carry out this service! Things can go wrong if it is completed by someone with insufficient training. South Coast Garage's experienced team are experienced in this service.

Performance tuning offers the following advantages for your vehicle:

  • Increased torque
  • Increased horsepower
  • Increased throttle response
  • Better fuel economy
  • Smoother power delivery
  • Safer overtaking
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