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If your cambelt breaks, it can have a harmful effect on your vehicle's performance. We can check your cambelt and replace it if required.


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Cambelt Change

What is a cambelt?

A cambelt (timing belt) is a vital part of the engine. It is a ribbed, rubber belt which controls the timing of your vehicle's internal combustion engines. It ensures that the crankshaft and the camshaft rotate in synchronisation.

When should you change your cambelt?

Your cambelt will need changing at some point. We would advise it to be checked if you have owned your vehicle for 5 years or driven over 40,000 miles. Alternatively, your vehicle manufacturer guide will provide you with a recommended cambelt schedule.

After some time, a cambelt can crack, tear or snap. You will be able to notice when it needs a replacement from the following signs:

  • Noise - You may notice a loud noise when the car is running - it could be a hissing, rattling, squealing or rumbling.
  • Vehicle not starting
  • If you check the cambelt and visually it is becoming worn, glazed or glossy on the underside.

What are the risks of not replacing your cambelt?

Ignoring the maintenance of your cambelt, can result in a mechanical failure and huge repair costs.

A snapped cambelt can result in the vehicle timing being delayed which will cause the crankshaft to crash into the cylinder head. This damage can be irreversible.

Why Choose South Coast Garage?

South Coast Garage are Range Rover Specialists who have main dealer grade diagnostics and capabilities. We are proud to work on all Range Rovers - from the first series to the very latest vehicle.

We use the highest quality Range Rover parts to ensure we only provide excellent service. Get in touch to discuss your requirements!

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